Maggie Cole

harpsichord, fortepiano, piano


Harpsichord keyboard

"A graceful, vital musician with an elegant technique and a razor-sharp feeling for phrasing and accent."

New York Times


"Maggie Cole's spirited, poetic and disciplined playing illuminates each and every one of Bach's Goldberg Variations on her Virgin Classics recording."



"Cole's recording of the Goldberg Variations is a wonderful surprise musically and acoustically. She glides across the keyboard with great grace, and in the technically demanding passages, Bach's intricate music is displayed to awesome effect."



"Maggie Cole cultivates a manner of playing Bach which on the one hand is engrossed in what Bach had composed and on the other discovers something gesticular written into the score, a movement inwards. With her it never sounds like thoughtless 'sewing machine baroque', is never spun out or bound to shallow harpsichord glitz. Even where virtuosity is the focal point, one senses the atmosphere of the interpretation; because of the overall steady tempo there is space for flexible, soft agogic accents. And where there are technical acrobatics to be tackled with Bach, Maggie's playing is of breath-taking clarity and mastery. One became the stunned witness to harpsichord-playing of the highest musical standard."

Basler Zeitung


"Maggie Cole's playing (of Soler keyboard sonatas - Virgin Classics) is wonderful. She places her brilliance and all the resources of both instruments at the service of the music: her ornamentation is imaginative, her rubatos are subtle and perfectly balanced and she brings out every tonal, emotional, expressive nuance."

Classical Pulse


"The performer at the center of this concert and of the group itself is the splendid British-American fortepianist Maggie Cole. In her hands, the delicacy of the fortepiano is no impediment to the power, even muscularity, of the music written for it, She combines a marvellous technique with superb musical instincts and good taste. In Mozart's Piano Trio in C major, K.548, Cole's articulation was fabulous, and each in the ensemble exploited dynamics for heightened dramatic effect."

The Boston Globe


"Accompanist Maggie Cole did her share to make each song scintillating and captivating through her very light touch and phrasing. Together, Cole and Argenta sent the audience home smiling with the disarming candour of their encore, Schubert's "Die Forelle".

The Budapest Observer


"Cole's playing is a joy - her touch and control are impeccable and always at the service of the music."

The Times Colonist, Victoria, B.C.


"La clavecinista, Maggie Cole tuvo oportunidad de demostrar su destreza con la Partita de Bach en Si bemol mayor. Esta obra, con la que los principales clavecinistas del mundo han probado su agilidad, nos mostró secretos para Cole, que construyó cada movimiento con pura sensibilidad y con una técnica envidiable."

Ideal de Granada


"Con la célebre sonata 'Alla Turca' de Mozart, Cole estuvo iluminada y, con el especial color del fortepiano, ofreció una lectura como pocas veces se escucha. Sus contrastes dinámicos y en especial la dicción de sus fraseos son de un rigor poco común a la vez que sumamente poéticos y estructurados con elegancia y gracia 'mozartianas'."

La Opinión de Granada

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